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Generally, all research activities in MSI UII are based on the policy of Research Institute UII attached on the Decree of Head of Research Institute No: 001/SK/K/70/VII/03 concerning the Guidelines of Research and Scientific Writing Activities of Research Institute UII. All lecturers have rights to conduct research through the institute including those who are teaching in MSI-UII.

The direction of the research that is put on the research policy is that research should be related to improve society life and welfare, and be humanistic- and Islamic value-oriented. There are six fields of research existing in the Research Institute UII:

  1. Research on Religion, Social and Culture;
  2. Research on Technology and Reengineering;
  3. Research on Gender/ Women Issues;
  4. Research on Natural Environment;
  5. Research on Health; and
  6. Research on Basic Sciences.

Of the 6 fields above, research for MSI-UII lecturers is emphasized on number 1. Research program for permanent lecturers is one of every semester. Thus, they are possible to conduct research twice a year. Even the Research Institute provides two times every semester for lecturers of MSI-UII in the form of team work as long as the lecturer is not a chief of the team.

Each lecturer is free to propose his/her research thema as long as it is appropriate with his/her expertise.  The freedom will give the opportunity to select and focus his/her study on Islamic economics, Islamic education, or other Islamic studies.

In the program, which is highly open to the lecturers of MSI-UII to conduct research through Research Institute UII, MSI-UII takes role to propose or recommend research thema related to the existing concentration. The proposal and recommendation provided are focused on dynamics and phenomena of the existing concentration in line with lecturers’ expertise-based.

MSI UII has an authority toward the research agenda initiated and funded by MSI UII. Since 2003/2004 academic year, MSI UII has initiated and funded research conducted by Institute for Society Studies and Empowerment (LKPM) MSI UII, as attached on the following table.

The research chief is the lecturer of MSI-UII. The research can involve students who are selected based on their capability on research methodology subject and are willing to be research assistants. The assistant for Islamic economic research should be from students of Islamic economics concentration. The assistant for Islamic Education research should be from students of Islamic education concentration.

Research thema selected based on the following consideration:

  1. Relevant to curriculum development of MSI UII;
  2. Relevant to institution development of MSI UII and other institutions of Islamic Higher Education;
  3. Relevant to the contemporary society’s issues.