For Graduate Students

Alumni Association

Each alumna will automatically become a member of alumni family of UII. The association is not a part of the university management, but it is an independent organization. However, the activities are oriented to assist the development of the university pursuant to the principles of its establishment. Therefore, the association has been put in the Statute of UII Article 21 stated that “Organisation and activities around university arranged together with alumni organization. Based on the statute, university decides to have Vice Rector III and Vice Rector III concerning students and alumni.

Specifically, MSI-UII publishes Bulletin “Safiria” in order to bridge communication between MSI-UII and alumni. The bulletin is also to build an intense interaction among MSI-UII, students and alumni through their paper or article, distributing bulletin to students and alumni.

In a certain period, MSI-UII in visiting to some provinces attempts to socialize the program, to meet the alumni obtaining information about the alumni, and to discuss strategic planning for MSI-UII development. From the strategy, an alumnae development group is able to socialize the program effectively. The fact is that some recommendation of students for study in MSI-UII comes from the alumni.