Laboratories of MSI-UII are two, i.e. (1) “shari’ah bank” laboratory for Islamic Economics concentration and (2) “school” for Islamic Education concentration.

Until the 8th years of establishment, MSI-UII has Islamic economics laboratory, i.e. Shari’ah Micro Finance Institution. The institution is owned by a MSI-UII alumnae who is willing to provide his institution to be laboratory for Islamic Economics.

In July 2005, MSI-UII has achieved a memorandum of agreement with several banks of shari’ah Credits, in which MSI-UII is as pioneer and commissaries. Those banks also become laboratory of Islamic Economics MSI-UII.

On the other side, MSI UII is also invited to cooperate with NGOs to establish BMT Assistance Institution (namely: Muamalat Indonesia Synergy), that is designed to take role as Indonesian Bank for conventional banks. The institution is not only as Indonesian Bank, but also as operational Shari’ah Monitoring Board. It means that the board will actively survey and monitor the products developed by shari’ah micro credit institute (BMT) all over Indonesia.

For the Islamic education concentration, MSI-UII uses a school provided by UII as its laboratory, i.e. Senior High School (SMA) UII. Undergraduate students of Islamic education study program also use the school. It has been equipped by adequate facilities. For language development, MSI-UII may use a language laboratory (Arabic and English) with qualified standard.



Increasing the intensity of LKPM activities will positively imply in academic interaction among civitas academica of MSI-UII involved. In the public service, MSI-UII continuously improves its quality and activities. Its priorities are in the fields of:

  • Islamic Studies and Research;
  • Cooperation in business training and effort to human resources development;

Continuing programmed activities and increasing incidental activities