Aims of the Study Program

Master of Islamic Studies aims at graduating students with high ability and innovation in fields of Islamic Economics, Islamic Education, Islamic Research and Shari’ah Business Law.
High ability innovation is required to work professionally and to compete with other postgraduates. Specifically, the characteristics of the graduates are as follows:

  1. Islamic Economics concentration is to graduate experts of Islamic economics who are professional and capable of overcoming economic problems through studying the contemporary economic concepts and theory that mainly contain fair, honest, and peaceful values.
  2. Islamic Education concentration is to graduate experts of Islamic Education who are professional and able to combine the concepts of Islam and modern education.
  3. Islamic Research concentration is to graduate scientists and researchers who are able to conduct reasercah, to communicate the findings and ideas of the research and are able to provide practical solution under Islamic values.
  4. Shari’ah Business Law concentration is to graduate scholars and practitioners of Religious courts who have expertise and competency on overcoming Islamic economy disputes professionally and are able conduct research concerning Shari’ah business law problems.

The efforts to achive the aims mentioned have been through (a) curriculum design and development with their supporting instrumental-input and other academic and non-academic programs; (b) academic organization and management (teaching and learning process) with academic staff recruitment based on personality and their academic merit; (c) establishment of attached facilties and various activities for resreach and public service.
The indicators of the attainment of the aims are qualified output with high achievement index and outcome in terms of alumni performance that provides advantage to their office (users’ satisfaction).