Academic Atmosphere

Academic Supporting Activities

MSI-UII has held various academic supporting activities that are attended by lecturers and students. Those activities are:

A. Students’ Participation for Research
Lecturers conducting a research are suggested to employ their students as research assistants. Through this way, students will have experience of how to conduct research and can directly consult their problems during research with their lecturers. The participation of course depends on the level of research and lecturer’s consideration.

B. Developing Scientific Personality
Developing scientific personality of the students is based on the main activities of educational stages in MSI UII, i.e. respectively input recruitment, teaching and learning process, extracurricular and thesis writing.
Input recruitment is carried out through enrollment selection test. Written selection test consists of:

1. Student administrative Requirements;
2. Arabic and English Ability;
3. Academic Potential Test.

In the instructional processes, students should take matriculation if their undergraduate background is not the same with their concentration Methods of teaching and learning are classical and dialogue. Students should also work their paper writing to develop their potential and ability. Lecturers who are expert on the relevant subject then assess their papers.
The teaching and learning process will perform a scientific character of students, for the process depends on scientific method. In other words, scientific processes will overcome any problems during teaching and learning process.
Final process of study is indicated by writing thesis and thesis examination. With a consultant, students execute a process of research and thesis writing through scientific procedures and thingking. With Consultation, students will really comprehend the scientific procedures in accomplishing their research and thesis writing. In short, this process will establish the scientific characters.

C. Discussion of Thesis Research Proposal
MSI UII provides a subject namely Seminar on Thesis Proposal in order to develop academic nature and to reward academic rights of students. The subject is illustrating about thema, title, and thesis proposal. Lecturer who holds the subject will assist the students to find out problems that are relevant to be a research thema, to determine research procedures, and to reduce into thesis proposal that is ready to research.
The discussion of the research thema is conducted in classroom together with other students and lecturer of related subject. Two advantages of the way are that the research thema is more focused, and other students will be enriched with, as they are involved in the discussion of the research thema and title..

D. Academic Rights Protection
Academically, MSI-UII has protected the students’ rights by, firstly, organizing subjects for every semester. Through this, the expectation is that the students are able to finish their study based on the determined time. Secondly, other protection is that curriculum revision will not influence the previous curriculum that has been taken by the students. Thirdly, MSI UII prepares attendance list for lecturer and students. If a lecturer cannot teach on the attached schedule, MSI-UII will contact each student for confirmation.
Student academic rights are freedom to express and argue their ideas scientifically. Students write and present their paper in front of lecturer and other students. Expressing the ideas is facilitated in the thesis title planning. The secretary of MSI UII merely gives suggestions concerning the title proposed; whereas the decision of the title and thema of the thesis is entirely the students’ rights.