Development Strategic Planning

Development Strategic Planning

The Outline of the Strategic Planning for 2006-2010 period has been formulated on the program evaluation proceedings at the end of the previous period. The formulation of the strategic planning is as follows:

A. Intensifying Program Competence in the Academic Field

Concerning education and instruction, MSI UII should continuously develop its institution and academic service activities based on the needs assessment and carefully observe the development of society, nation and country. Evaluation on the achievement of vision, mission and aims is constantly required to find out strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats challenging MSI-UII. Consequently, there are planning, developing and restructuring of respectively the curriculum with its instrumental input, academic and non-academic programs, teaching and learning process, academic staff recruitment based on academic qualification and personality,  supporting facilities, such as library and various research and public services.

It is expected that continuity, high discipline and commitment to the institution will strengthen and sharpen the program competence. This is in line with the aim of establishment of the program, i.e. attempting to face rapid development of science, technology and information through preparing human resources who have expertise and integrity on knowledge and Islamic issues. Eventually, intensifying the competence will present individuals who can share Islamic mission as rahmatan lil ‘alamin, based upon their filed of study in MSI UII.

B. Building Specific Character of Islamic Studies as Excellence of the Program

Program competence should fundamentally commit to Islamic studies. It means that any efforts to anticipate the development of science, technology and information should be based upon the study program namely Islamic studies. In other words, Islamic Studies should be the core of all development existing in MSI-UII. Furthermore, the program ought to build the specific characters in order to show its exellence among other Islamic studies programs on the postgraduate level.

The effort to find a certain character of Islamic Studies as its excellence requires high academic performance from all components involved in the program. Introducing the Islamic Studies fields will possibly give detail direction for discovering the specific character. The efforts can be through literature survey, program inventarisation and comparation, workshop, and research. Discovering the specific characters can also be conducted in cooperation with Islamic Studies faculty, Center for Islamic Studies, Islamic Boarding School UII, and Islamic Development and Guidance Board.

C. Revitalizing the Quality Assurance System of the Program

The quality assurance principle of MSI UII is precisely on continuous improvement. The promoted quality of MSI UII is stakeholders satisfaction based upon the academic standard and rule. The quality management system is applied to consistently fulfil program standar in line with aim and prevailing regulation and to achieve stakeholders’ satisfaction through an effective system. The system covers processes required to improve the performance continuously and assurance toward the output appropriateness with the aims of the program and the prevailing regulation.

The quality management system should attain the output quality improvement of teaching and learning process, i.e. producing graduates who have high quality and competence (academic and skill).  The implementation of the system needs to be revitalized in order that it automatically operates in  MSI UII.

D. Synergizing Double Functions of Laboratory

The main principles of laboratory synergy are 1) synergizing the laboratory potency generally for MSI students’ enrichment; 2) developing other function of the laboratory, i.e. to earn additional income instead of tuition fee; and 3) procurement of new laboratory together with three units around the university, such as MSI UII, Islamic Studies faculty and economics faculty. The laboratory that can be synergized is for instance Islamic economic laboratory. The development synergy of the existing laboratory can also be with laboratory for Islamic Legal Aids (LKBHI) owned by Islamic Studies faculty with attaching new program of MSI-UII, that is, Shari’ah Business Law Advocate.

E. Socializing and Promoting Sustainable Program

Socializing and promoting are carried out continuously. All activities should be principally stakeholders’ satisfaction-oriented, so that these can be as a positive instrument of promotion and socialization of the program. The changes of Teachers and Lecturers Acts and Religious Courts Acts give the wide market opportunity. Thus, MSI UII should attempt to gain this opportunity through actively establishing new networking.

Collaboration with undergraduate program that potentially has student input could be undertaken through making popular programs in the undergraduate program such as Guidance for Preparing Study Program Accreditation and for Preparing Accredited Journal.

F. Expanding International Cooperation Network

International network in MSI-UII is important to expand systematically with certain targets. The international network that should be paid attention and followed up is that 1) there are some students from Thailand, Australia, Korea, Middle East and Japan; 2) Journal “Millah” has been internationally well known, and 3) Homepage of MSI UII ( has been widely accessed by many overseas people from America, Netherland, Australia, Malaysia, Canada and Africa. Those existing networks should be an opportunity to introduce the excellence of MSI UII related to their interests.

Synergy to expand the international network is required both internally and externally. The strategic synergy is combining the internal strengths among UII units to secure the opportunity.

G. Improving Company Building Image

The main principle of building image is that all persons involved feel self- belonging with and proud of MSI UII internally or externally. For instance, it provides contribution to each accessible person. Recently, the feasible and cheap strategy for building image of MSI UII is contribution of sciences in the fields of Islamic economics, Islamic education, Islamic research and Shari’ah business law through public consultation with website or existing laboratories.

Good image will be recorded in each person’s mind and be the best reference for promotion of MSI UII. Costs for image building are a prospective invest, not consumptive one. Planned and systematized image building should consciously be a part of promotion program.

H. Completing Full IT Program

In the future world development, the role of information technology is highly important and able to support the management effectively. Recently, MSI-UII has put the information technology on almost all divisions. In order to maximize the technology information role, MSI UII should plan to complete all divisions with the technology until 2009.