MSI UII is one of the postgraduate programs (S2) under Universitas Islam Indonesia   The program has a commitment toward accomplishment of Risalah Islamiyah in education, research, public service and Islamic Dakwah as the four obligations of UII.


Mission of the Study Program

The program is oriented to service and excellence through implementing Allah revelation and Prophet sunnah as the absolute truth sources. The mission also proposes rahmatal lil ‘alamien and supports Indonesian ideal aims, that is, to develop nations by preparing Moslem experts and scholars who are righteous, good, skilful, knowledgeable and generous. The program is also to develop and share Islamic Economics, Islamic education, and other Islamic studies, in order to institute prosperity and justice toward Indonesian society and country based upon Pancasila and Constitution 1945 under Allah Blessing.

The management of the program has developed and improved education and instruction process continuously. It is indicated by institutional development and academic service activities based on the need assessment and smart observation of society, nation, and country’s growth. Academic and program activities with research, public service and dakwah support functionally one another. Gradually, the ideal condition as stated in the vision of the study program is achieved. Recently the fact shows that more and more students from various social, culture and religion levels are registered. Many scientific research, public service and dakwah activities have increased significantly indicated by disseminating various findings and ideas to the public through printed and electronic.

Vision of the Study Program

Its vision is to attain MSI UII program as the main choice for postgraduate study within Asia-Pacific level in the 25 years ahead. The vision is a part of the general vision of Universitas Islam Indonesia that is to attain it as rahmatan lil ‘alamin, which is committed to excellence and accomplishment of risalah Islamiyah in the fields of education, research, public service and dakwah, and is equal to qualified universities in the developed countries.

Historically, as one of reputable universities in Indonesia with its Islamic Studies faculty, UII has ever become reference of study for national and international higher education institutions. In the future, based on the history, available qualified academic staff and management, cultural uniqueness of Islamic Sultanate of Yogykarta Special Territory, UII, hopefully, will become a reference of study for national and international students.


Our Place

The campus is located at

Demangan Baru street No. 24, 2nd floor Yogyakarta.

The facilities both land and building are the property of Waqaf Board  UII.

Telp./Fax: (0274) 523637, 08175425758, 085228221334